About Us


The world of luxury is becoming more accessible, so that the well-traveled are looking for something unique, original, exclusive, and indigenous. With this expansion of obtainability, different types of trips are expanding traditional roles into a mix of family, business, adventure, hobby related, food and drink, music, and events with how one used to travel.

At LUPHORIC we have the knowledge that there are many different types of trips ranging from last minute weekend trips, to complicated voyages planned well in advance. The understanding of what goes into a fully customized trip, we at LUPHORIC recognize that with a busy life, our clients need flexibility. As we do not specialize in putting unknown guests in a tour group, LUPHORIC is able to take last minute bookings, change itineraries, and be there every step of the way to make sure that your trip is as relaxing as possible.

LUPHORIC only works with the world’s leading hotels, private accommodations, airlines, private yachts and airline charters, to make sure that the whole trip is smooth, ready to change, and to meet the top criteria of our clients. Our suppliers have been cultivated over the past five years by our CEO’s extensive luxury travel and are handpicked based on each client’s preference.

Our travel concierges work with you throughout the whole process and follow up with a simple conversation to find out what you liked, and what you would have liked, so we can better tailor suggestions for locations, hotels, restaurants, and activities for your next trip.

When you work with LUPHORIC you are with an exclusive group of clients that know that booking a trip is easy, creating a sophisticated excursion based on each person’s preferences is something more.

We take pride in the responsibility that from door to door your travel goes as smoothly as possible. When dealing with high end travel there are a lot of variables, suppliers, and countries involved, and that adds to a lot of chances of something going wrong, or miscommunication. LUPHORIC is the lifeline from the client to everything else, so all you have to do is enjoy your holiday and we follow you throughout your whole trip making sure that at each destination all is as planned. We even offer the service for that one of our staff will be in front of you the whole trip to make sure that all goes as planned without even knowing they are even there.

When you don’t just want to be another number in a group and want something that you know you will enjoy because it was made for you, this is what LUPHORIC can do you for.

LUPHORIC is also proud to be a part of Sri KNZ Travel and Tours in Malaysia.