Bespoke Travel Plans


We at LUPHORIC take your travel preferences very seriously, and for first time clients we learn about your travel styles, and the type of trip you will be taking. From there we go over our preferred hotels, private accommodation, and transportation options to recommend the best options that will suit your needs. Depending on the location and amount of involvement on your travel, your Travel Concierge will also suggest different services that may be of interest to you during your journey. When your travel is finished, we will follow up to see what you liked, and keep this information in our recommendation system for your next trip so we will already know your tastes.


Getting around a new destination can be quite a challenge if you don’t know the area, or the language. We offer a wide range of transportation depending on the location. There is airport pick up and drop off with a chauffeured sedan, or other choice of car.

Transportation during the whole duration of your trip is easily available. If you would prefer to drive on your own, we can also arrange this as well, giving you a choice of exotic and vintage cars. Safety is another requirement from some of our guests, so SUV’s and bulletproof autos are also an option in some destinations. A seven-day circuit of Malaysia by BMW R 1200 GS with guides is another option that can elevate your experience.


Smaller luxury cruises are very different from the commercial mass market cruise ships that one typically thinks about.

Working with our partners we will offer you the various selected luxury cruise ships and explain about the first class service, and onshore excursions whether it’s from the ship’s services, or from LUPHORIC. With smaller luxury cruise ships, the staff is attentive and extremely professional, the suites are sizable, and the smaller ship is able to dock at more locations than commercial cruise liners. Antarctica and the Artic are both great destinations for this experience.


Travel by luxury train is an experience that is only available in a few places in the world.

Get dressed up every evening with other guests to enjoy formal attire decadent dinners, while being able to watch the local landscape transition before your eyes. Fine dining, masterly crafted cocktails, like minded company, and new stops along the way, takes traveling to a whole different experience than just another mode of transportation or night at a luxury hotel.


If you want to see a destination from another view than a plane or an automotive, a luxury river cruise is a great way to experience the local ambiance.

Luxury river cruises offer guides with excursions and gourmet chefs to make the journey as relaxing as possible. Enjoy the feeling of being at a five-star hotel, while the world passes by and you finish in your intended destination. LUPHORIC can offer our clients a whole journey, or just from city to city depending on the location and the needs of the guest.


Sometimes one doesn’t want to stay in another hotel and wants the feeling of living in the destination. Or it is an event, a family gather, or a client just prefers more privacy and fulltime staff to meet their needs.

LUPHORIC works directly with selected private accommodations and partners to handpick the best options per location. Offering a wide range from beach villas, ski chalets, downtown penthouses, local styled homes, country estates, castles, staff requirements, amenities, and more, we will work with you to find out what you require in terms of style, location, size, and all your other needs.


Hotel preference is a very difficult thing for some guests, because it can change depending on the destination and type of travel.

We are partnered with the most high-end hotels in the world to offer our clients different options when they choose their destination. From , five-star luxury hotel and resort groups, boutique hotels, eco-friendly, leisure activity based and more, we will go through our portfolio to find the best match for your needs.


Sometimes there are interesting accommodation options in a specific destination, or you prefer to charter a yacht. Depending on your tastes we will provide you with what other alternative accommodation types are available that might be of interest to you.