Professional Guides


Depending on the destination and trip type, a professional guide can really enhance the experience of a new or even familiar land. As we offer private and bespoke travel, we don't tour groups, so we can provide you with a guide for a day, the whole trip, or just for one experience based on your requirements. The guides that we work with are very friendly and know the difference between when a detailed explanation is required, and when to let the client enjoy the moment.


While not everyone cares to have a guide their whole trip, having a professional and local expert to explain the destination and answer your questions can add a lot of value while you explore the region that you are in.

Our guides can offer a lot of valuable insight about the location, and can also show you the not to be missed places. The guides are also extremely knowledgeable about cultural nuances, local religions and practices, and about any historical sites that you will see during your journey.


Cuisine plays a key part in any location one travels in. We offer guides that can take you to the best restaurants and explain the local ingredients and cuisine, to offer you more insight to the local food and drink.

Services can include having a chef walk you around a local market to pick special ingredients, and then show you the proper techniques of how to prepare the dishes in their restaurant. Or having a vineyard owner and sommelier show you around their winery before having a private tasting to learn about the key notes of the wines.


From marine life to animals, an experienced guide is a great extra for wildlife enthusiasts. A wildlife guide is really beneficial when going trekking, when diving, and when on safari for reference.

While it’s impossible sometimes to see every animal you will desire, our guide will take special note of your preferences and do their best to find the species that you want to see. The guides are also extremely knowledgeable and can answer complex questions and add an extra layer of safety for guests not familiar with the local wildlife.


A private guide will prepare a detailed custom itinerary of sites and experiences for you to see during your travels and take care of all the rest so you can enjoy the local nuances of the excursion.

With not being a tour group, if you want to go stop for a drink, try that boutique gelato shop, or do a little shopping, you can take as long as you feel comfortable with and change your itinerary based on your whim.